And so it begins…

This week I have probably been the most inspired I have ever been before and I’m trying my hardest not to loose this feeling.

In my head I’m feeling really positive about my progress but now I have to apply it practically. I have a great tattoo booked in on Sunday and as excited as I am about it, I also know I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to make this the image that changes me.  I have a new machine and a new mentality.

Being in america and being surrounded by so many positive, enthusiastic and creative people really encouraged me. I just wish I was surrounded by that all the time. I need to keep myself in my bubble and focus in order to get to where i want to be. I just want to be busy.  I need to make all the hard work worth it.

These next few months I need to put into effect every single thing I’ve learnt so I can progress to the level I want. I cant be a waste of his time.

I need to be better